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Apr 11, 2008
Ok, got Echostar 7 , that's close to the center of the LNB rack, it I'm astonished, it looks as if the dish is pointing at the ground but the signal is strong and reception is really good, not many free channels though, I'll keep the cable tv for now.
As I want to get 8 satelites, I'll make sure I have good reception on each individule LNB before I connect it to the switches, less trouble shooting.
The T-90 isn't really hard to set up but , and this is a really big but, as all the experienced people on this forum state, Patience is a must, if you get fustrated, take a break and think about it for a while.
I thank everyone for their help, would have taken me forever without it.
A Big Thanks All!


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May 6, 2005
Metro New Orleans, LA
If you want plenty of English language programming, try for G-10R (OOPS! G-18) at 123w. Lots of good stuff there, just four degrees west of Echo 7. You'll need a linear Ku FSS LNBF, the DBS LNBF you're using for 119w won't work.
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