T-Mobile, Sprint said to be finalizing merger terms

Most of the media says they will be bigger than AT&T. I still think it will happen.
Only by a few percentage points if at all.

This is the fourth time that they've made a run at a merger so I'm thinking you're optimism is misplaced. The most recent attempt was November 2016 and the two couldn't agree between themselves much less getting it past the regulators. The Time Warner resistance is looming large in the tech industry signalling that there are limits to the Executive Branch's willingness to sit back and let mega-mergers happen.
SoftBank must be interested in cutting their losses, or rolling the dice.

At least the poorly performing Sprint management won’t be calling the shots.
The figures I have are

Verizon 146,013,000
AT&T 134,218,000
T-Mobile 72,597,000
Sprint 58,742,000

72,597,000 + 58,742,000 = 131,338,000 .

So we end up with 3 companies, each within 5% of the other in terms of market share. That seems fair and consumer friendly. This looks a lot like when Chrysler bought AMC to me.
That seems fair and consumer friendly.
They've gone to a lot of trouble to make it look that way. They have just as many skeletons in their closet as Verizon and AT&T.

At some point the larger Deutsche Telecom organization is going to tire of bleeding cash to fund the service give-away. According to Wikipedia, Deutsche Telecom has over 230 million wireless phone customers around the planet and measured by revenue, is the largest telecom provider in all of Europe.
Nextel was awesome back in the day. While their iDEN network could have been built out more, and there was no roaming expect for maybe with SouthernLinc in the Southeastern US, the concept was great. No nonsense communication. Maybe it was psychological, but using Direct Connect in lieu of the regular phone made people much less likely to blabber on and on and just get directly to the point. Very limited text messaging, no data, and those 810F Motorola phones were durable. Kinda funny to see these $800+ thin and frail wimpy smartphones covered in thick cases and screen protectors when I had probably a half a dozen Moto iDEN phones that went through hell and back and never wavered. These phone weren't fashion accessories. But these days the condom snorting, laundry detergent eating demographic that companies try to target wouldn't know what to do with a flip phone that has no QWERTY keyboard or a spying digital 'assistant', so I can see why they are a thing of the past.

Having had Sprint since the demise of Nextel up until last Fall, and having T-Mobile now, in my area and the areas I frequent, I notice no real difference, except for slower speeds with T-Mobile and no reception within a mile or so radius of my house with T-Mobile. With Sprint, I had limited reception inside the house and decent coverage outside. T-Mobile is non-existent. The coverage is so similar in general. And low frequency spectrum can only do so much good. They need more TOWERS, especially in rural areas. As much as I hate T-Mobile, and their scum bag, coked up looking used car salesman of a CEO, and as mush as I like Sprint, I have to say having three equally sized mobile providers is probably more competitive then having two big providers and two small providers that have no chances of catching up.
The DoJ May present more of a problem.

Good luck selling Boost.

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