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Nov 19, 2003
I was on the phone last night for about an hour trying to figure out what was wrong with my 501. After talking with the helpful (at first) tech for a while, we were able to trace the problems to old PPV purchase information becuase my receiver is not plugged into a phone line. There were two PPV's. The first one is one that was made over the phone and already payed for but is still on my box because it hasn't synced to the system to know that it was paid. I can understand that. The other event was som BS WWE prepay PPV that supposedly was ordered with the remote. I told them that there was no way in hell that I would of ordered something like that, I don't even like or watch wrestling. Not to bash wrestling at all, it's just not my forte. So, neither my wife nor me ordered the event, GUARANTEED 100%. So then I asked if it was possible for my 18 month old daughter to order it. He then said that it was not since there are about 7 different confirmations to do the order. I then asked to talk the supervisor. He came on the phone and gave my some snyde ass remark saying that, "We have hired engineers to get the receivers to order PPV on it's own, and it just doesn't do it." Im like, no sh*t Sherlock. He then continued to be adament about me being the only one to order the PPV. Another weird thing is that I ordered another game over the remote and the phone and already payed for it, but they couldn't find it in their system. Nothing was making sense at this point. I was getting angry, but kept my composure. The super then said that what he could do is remove the WWE PPV for me. He said that from past purchases that he could tell that we would not order WWE. He then immediately said the he is going to look at my account and do that. He came back 30 seconds later and said that the charges will stand. I then asked why 30 seconds ago he said that he will take the charge off. He replied that since i was disconnected once in the past couple of years that he would not do it. I then said something about me just purchasing $200 worth of equipment(6000) and that just because I have had one disconnection, that I have also been with them for over 3 years and that I have spent over $700 in equipment with them. He paused for a second and then came back with something I wasn't expecting. He said, "I know that you ordered the PPV with the remote, the CSR overheard you talking with your wife and heard her say that we ordered the PPV, and that we have it recorded that she said that." I was like, WTF! Now I know this whole thing is BS and they are just trying to get me to pay for this even though it obviously wasn't something that I ordered. So I then said, "no possible way that she said that, I was right there talking to her." I then asked for him to replay the recording so that I could hear her saying that. He replied, "I don't have to do that right now, and we do have it recorded." He then continued on ranting that I ordered it and I am lying and that the recording will stand up in court. I bet that they don't even have any recording and was just trying to come up with something the get me off the phone. Anyways, I hung up after he wouldn't discuss the situation anymore. I got his name and ID. I was so steamed when I got done. This makes we wanna go get Cable or D*. I can't believe that they would have supervisors that would argue disrespectively on the phone with customer and then try to pull some BS outta their ass about allegedly hearing something that my wife said. I have not ever had this sort of experience with any sort of service provider. Usually, if it doesn't look right or make sense then they do what they have to do to please the customer. Right now I am wanting to box everything up and sell it on Ebay. I could make a nice profit on the 6000 receiver. Anyone else have a problem like this or have a suggestion?

I would call back and ask to speak to someone else and then climb the ladder as high as you can go and/or send an email to the ceo email address I think it is If this doesn't provide a resolution to your satisfaction then I would sell the equipment and disconnect service because you have a right to be pissed. When dealing with Customer "NO" Service, if I have been slighted or a mistake has been made then I will give them a chance to correct it. Every company has a**holes and makes mistakes, its how they fix the mistake would determine if I stay or go.
what Bullsh!t, i'd be pissed as hell too, but the worse thing you can do is just hang up and let them win. don't switch to D* or cable, do what awax said. let me know how they're treating their customers. after you get it all resolved and let a high-up manager know the situation, then you're to add the line that you're switching to D*.

Switching to D* now will just make them think they were right. Don't let that happen.
you should have told them to close your account on the first call. I would call back and do it now. you can get good money for your equip on Ebay and probably get a good package from D*.

I was just talking to my wife a few minutes ago about switching to D* especially if D* comes out with a HD PVR before E*. I have been with E* since early 1997 and have really become dissatisfied lately. I am really afraid of what the 921 will act like. A few weeks ago E* shut down my account for the first time since we have subscribed. I had orderd the College Gameday and asked them to split the payment up in two months but when I got the bill it was all on one month. I would have gone ahead and paid it but my wife was less than happy with me that I ordered it anyway so I called up the CSR and he told me if he corrected it I would be charged the full season amount not the amount I was supposed to be charged because I ordered it early. He told me to just pay half with that bill and then half with the next. Well I guess billing considered the $50.00 balance delinquent and shut me down -- so much for a perfect payment record and it wasn't even my fault in reality.

On the PPV thing - I had about ten Adult PPV's show up on one bill and I do not watch the adult channels. I called up the CSR and they said that they could confirm that I ordered it etc....... well upon further research I realized that every purchase was while my 19 year old brother in law was watching my children. I guess he was really doing his job. Anyway you should research the day that the WWE PPV was ordered and see if you had a babysitter that may have ordered it or maybe even guests over who may have inadvertantly hit all the right buttons to order it.
Do you have CC Auto Pay?

If these charges get put on a bill and subsequently charged to a cc, you should dispute the charge with the cc company and tell the cc company to go to bat for you.

The other option, as a matter of principle, is to take Dish to court. File in small claims court. They will gladly settle the dispute because one hour of their lawyers fees is probably more than the charge for the event.

I unfortunately had to do this with verizon when they claimed I made 900 number calls from my house, at a time when my family was on vacation, 700 miles away.
Some good suggestions.

First check to make sure that someone else at your house didn't order the PPV in question.

If that doesn't work, write and tell them your story. I've had good luck writing there.

Thanks for the support and the suggestions. I know for a fact that no one intentionally ordered the WWE. We haven't had a babysitter come and watch our daughter, so the likelyhood of us not knowing that someone ordered it is null. I am going to email the ceo@dish and see what kind of response I get. Has anyone ever had them tell them that they recorded what someone over the phone said and was gonna use it to prove anything. I guess it just cracks me up that they would say something like that just to try to get me to think that they were right.

bhspeed said:
Thanks for the support and the suggestions. I know for a fact that no one intentionally ordered the WWE. We haven't had a babysitter come and watch our daughter, so the likelyhood of us not knowing that someone ordered it is null. I am going to email the ceo@dish and see what kind of response I get. Has anyone ever had them tell them that they recorded what someone over the phone said and was gonna use it to prove anything. I guess it just cracks me up that they would say something like that just to try to get me to think that they were right.


I would say that the supervisor was BSing you on that. Don't even bring it up. Did they tell you that they were recording your conversation? If not then any recording by them is useless
Yes I bought the receiver new when they first came out. Thats what I figured about the recording thing. I still can't believe that this person was of supervisor grade and the complete BS that he was trying to sell me. Makes me wonder what kind of people do they have working there?
For one any Supervisor or CSR should NOT be this rude and have these type of accusations. Second, the Supervisor should not have said that he was going to give you credit on your bill then tell you that he wasnt. That is lying and he should be made to pay for the ppv event just because he lied to you and acted the way that he did, if not lose his job, or both. Third, I do think that they say before you talk to a CSR that your conversation will be recorded for quality purposes.

I say if they have a right to record you, especially if you was not told that it would be recorded, then you should have the same right to record them. I have thought about recording every conversation I have with them and telling them that it will be recorded and if they will not talk to you after you said that then they know that they are in the wrong afraid that they will get in trouble for what they are saying on the phone and so forth.

I would call write emails and also call back Dish Network and try to talk to someone else because you may get different results with different people. I have had to hang up on some of the CSR's before because of them not wanting to resolve the issues, not understanding the situation, I was not getting anywhere with them, or they were just plain rude. I have even had them hang up on me when there were was no fussing. It makes me very angry for them to make it out as if it was your fault when it was theirs.

Their customer service has dropped more and more the past couple three years. They need to do something about it. I know customers have been lost due to this, I have had some of my customers call me about it and shut their service off and I am the one that suffers getting chargebacks and such as a result.

If they do not want to resolve the problems for you then I would threaten to switch to DirecTv or cable and then do so if they still do not resolve the issue for you. I would even ask for something to make up for the rude and impoliteness that you had received.
Call back and try again, at least a few times. If they don't get it write after 3 or 4 times, then use the email mentioned above.

It usually takes these people a few tries to get it write, but if you are persistent, I bet you get what you want.
E* doesn't care if you switch to cable or D*. It' s simple E* customer-no-sevice is a bunch of crap, Thats why I went with D* and couldn't be happier. I've never had any problems D* customer service they have always been polite and helpful to me.
I dont know how many times I have called to activate a system and their computers were down and the systems did not get activated as promised and I had to call in again to get it activated as it should have been in the first place. They were writing things down on paper but not doing their job as they were supposed to afterwards.
I had a similar problem about 3 years ago. I was on CC autopay but still checked my monthly bill. When I checked the bill it had $200. of porn added to my service.

I called dish and explained there was a problem. I'm a retailer and telling you absolutely I didn't watch those movies. I had no phone line hooked up, and the time frame when they were ordered was when our grandson would have been sitting with us watching TV.

They rudely informed me I would pay. I had ordered and watched. So I paid the bill so as to not jeopardize my dealership, then canceled my service and went to DTV.
I dont think it would have jeopardized your retailership but its hard to tell. If it would have then they would try to pull this crap on a lot of their retailers to pinch out extra money on them just because they are retailers for Dish. Even if that is not the case it is not fair that retailers for Dish would be stuck paying the bill just because they sell their product. They should be a bit nicer for those that helped them grow into a big company as they did because private retailers have made 80% of the sales for them.
There is an unspoken caveat that shoot be spoken here.

LOCK your receivers so no one can order PPVs without a passcode. This will protect you from babysitters, family, kids, etc. getting the shows intentionally or not. You can always UNLOCK it when you want to order something, but you sound like me where that will hapen about once a year.

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