TECHNOLOGY: ILC Supports DirecTV Locals (1 Viewer)

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Sep 8, 2003
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ILC said DirecTV purchased its MaxView network control software for use in monitoring equipment for its local TV uplink facilities. ILC said DirecTV is building new uplink facilities for local TV delivery, and plans to further expand the number of markets with local TV from 64 to 105 sometime next year, representing about 85 percent of the country.

Spacenet Expands Offerings - Gilat's Spacenet subsidiary said it expanded its Connexstar satellite networking services with two new packages designed to address business customer requests. With the additions, called by the company Connexstar TransAct and Connexstar CX-1000, covers a broader range of solutions, from low-bandwidth credit/retail applications to high-speed broadband connectivity supporting multiple video, retail and Internet/data applications.

Arianespace Secures Launch for DirecTV 7S - Arianespace said it secured a first quarter 2004 launch slot with Sea Launch for the DirecTV 7S satellite - which came as a result of an agreement with Boeing Launch Services and Sea Launch. The DirecTV 7S satellite is a high priority launch for the satellite TV service, which wants to use the satellite to deliver local TV for additional markets.
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