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Sep 7, 2003
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I am previously a Dish Network subscriber where I had to look at two satellites to get both regular programming and locals. Are you saying with Direc I would only have to look at the 101 satellite?

D*'s core SD programming is at 101 only, and if your in Indy then your SD locals are also there. Their HD programming comes from 99 and 103, so if you can see 101 chances are probably good that you can also see 99 and 103.


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Jul 17, 2005
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I would schedule Directv for the day you are going to move in and then schedule u-verse for the day after you move in. That way if you can get Directv, you can cancel the u-verse appointment.


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Aug 15, 2007
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Sorry to be obnoxious but I'm still a little confused. Does this mean I would need two separate dishes to pick up both feeds for watching in HD?
No, but you would need a different dish. The SD programming is almost ALL on the 101 satellite which is received with a simpler, smaller, nearly round dish. The HD programming requires a more oblong dish referred to as a slimline. The SD dish is quite easy to align. I use mine for tailgating and can literally align it within two minutes using the meters on my SD receiver - piece of cake. Slimline pulls in not only the 101 but also 99 and 103 by being tilted slightly to allow a larger area of the sky to be "seen." Look, it's a big hassle for you, just go with cable until you can figure out if it will work or not. D* is great but there are drawbacks to it too. :cool:
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