The DISH team here on this site needs to be complimented!


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Oct 13, 2007
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As does Scott for having them!

I was a dish customer for years, haven't been since around 2005 when I moved. I have, however been kind of a consultant to my friends who want to know how to best fit their needs in technology including satellite! (you know how it goes, friends come to YOU because you're the geek of the bunch.)

While I'm an FTA and HITS person, a buddy of mine wanted something better than his 45-plus OTA channels. At first, we thought HITS, but some of his specific needs led him more toward DISH.

With the purchase of (2) 722 units from another Satguys member (verified by Matt of Dish to be fine for activation, new in box) and the proper dish for my buddy's programming needs (again, Matt, thank you for the advice)....we have another satisfied user of satellite TV via this site. Why via this site? Because, rather than be a "voice on the phone" to a random customer service rep, after the hardware install, Matt from the team here was able to personally contact my friend while I was there, to set up the account, verify all needs were met, and my buddy didn't feel like just "another number" on the phone with Dish. He trusted me to connect him with people who would not try to sell him something he didn't want. The whole process involved this site in one way or another, and Matt from Dish who is on our forum here. All it took was a few PM's to make it all happen!

My compliments to the way Dish works with this site and its members to do all they can to create better customer relations. It certainly paid off in bringing another customer their way, and allowed my friend some degree of choice which works nicely for him, (because of his seasonal business schedule) to do a "pay as you go" and to have the freedom of change and choice. that goes with it. All I had to do was perform the install and the teaching of the many features on these newer receivers! My, how things have changed since I was an installer years ago!

Just a note of thanks to Matt, "DIRT" and of course, this site.
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Oct 29, 2003
DIRT is one of the best things SatGuys and DISH have ever done! They've truly been a great asset for this site and its members.


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Dec 30, 2010
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Thank you everyone for the amazing support, and feedback that you have given us. We really do enjoy being here, and hope to be here for a long time!

We would also like to thank this site, and its moderators. They do an amazing job helping us out with anything that we may need.


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Sep 29, 2010
Yea they have all been really great!!

And surprisingly they haven't let all the compliments go to their heads!:D;)

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May 25, 2010
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I have dealt with Mary, Matt and Zach all and I have to say they are absolutely fantastic at what they do. They are prompt to respond and get things done quickly and accurately. Hats off to them all!:hatsoff::first:

Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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I got a PM from a member here last week... and basically the member was having an issue, contacted DIRT and within 2 hours had a tech at his house and was watching TV again.

You can't get better than that!


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May 23, 2009
Matt was very helpful. He got me signed up and going with my very first Dish system in pretty much no time flat.
Two thumbs up for him not trying to up-sell me! :eek:k:
I told him what my needs were and he clicked his mouse and made it all happen. :D
The whole process was very smooth and quick. Matt was very courteous and professional.

Thank you Matt and all involved! :)


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Dec 20, 2006
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I applaud Dish for having the courage to put them out there. So many companies want to draw inward, and not allow anyone except the PR director say anything, IOW, control the message. Guess what, you cannot control what others are saying about you, the best that companies like dish an do is be a part of what is already being said.

Dish put these people out here, not to deliver messages, but to have conversations with people and help them fix their problems. I don't think many companies would have done the same.


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Bravo! Kudos to Dish for this.
But, they really need to step it up, and get their entire CS operation up to speed.
I don't even call anymore when I need something. I PM straight to a DIRT member.
It's a shame there's like them for my commercial account.


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Mar 1, 2004
I complety agree. It is so nice to be able to have a place to go when the nomal customer support is clueless.
I just used DIRT. To get a 625 to 722 HD upgrade for my parents, who got a HD flat screen for Christmas.
RaymondG was very helpful and got it done. When my parents called DISH before I talked to DIRT, they were told that they couldn't upgrade.

Thanks so much for your help RaymondG.


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Mar 1, 2004
The DIRT team is a small group of DISH employees who as part of there job monitor posts on the DISH Forum here at .
When I needed help I just sent a new message to the DISH Forum with need help from DIRT in the subject. A member of DIRT responded to me and helped me with my issue using Private messages.

So who is this dirt team I hear good things about?


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Aug 23, 2010
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If I ever go to the darkside, (you know how us BIG dish people are ;O ) it will be by buying and installing my own stuff and activating it via the DIRT team right here.Just that,at this point, there still isn't enough that I can't get or have to have to justify the extra cost.

Just an opinion,but it seems like if all of DISH was run like the DIRT team,DISH would be the number 1 satco.Get it right,fix it the first time and do it fast.

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