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Oct 13, 2007
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Yes, I'm duplicating this over from the WION threads for those who don't follow us there....edited where needed to better fit the Local Radio discussion board.

WION has now filed it's comments with the FCC on how the FCC can help assist our station and other ones with similar signal/coverage situations improve our service to the community. We've seen support of our station already filed by listeners, and we're grateful.

If you enjoy a local AM station which has difficulty reaching out at night, due to expansion of it's city of license, outdated signal direction, or high noise level thanks to local interference, (some examples of issues we face) the FCC is looking at quite a few options in rule changes which may help local stations improve their coverage. By "local" we mean any station that is not assigned a frequency which maintains full regional power day and night. (commonly called "clear channel" stations, not related to the company which had that name.)

The FCC is asking for comments from you, the listener regarding why your local AM station is important to you, and if you believe that changes in rules that favor better AM transmission by your local station would better your reception/use/enjoyment of your local station.

Please put your thoughts on a simple word document, text document, pdf or similar, and submit them to the FCC by going here....and entering number 13-249 where it asks for the "Proceeding number." Your comments are important for AM radio stations across the United States, and may help local station owners improve their signals once the FCC makes some possible revisions to our rules as broadcasters and what we're allowed on the AM band in terms of power and coverage.

Remember, situations like this are much like voting. If you don't show support for your local AM, please don't complain about their (day or night) coverage if you didn't show support for them when the window of opportunity for improvement ideas was opened by the FCC. (comments period ends March 21st by the way)

It only takes a few minutes. I know WION appreciates those who have already filed on our behalf, and so would YOUR local station.

NOTE: this is not the time to debate programming or condemn national syndication, it's the time to make your voice heard that LOCAL stations need revised FCC policies under which they may be able to better serve YOU with signal and coverage. Please keep your comments "to the point" and support the service that you appreciate or would like to receive better from your local AM radio station, be it corporate, or be it locally owned.

happy to answer any questions I can via PM before you file, if you like.

-"Radio" on Satelliteguys,

(WION, Jim)

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