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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Poke, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Yeah I agree the Blue is a nice color.. :) I will probably get the Silver or Black but I put my devices in cases so it will not matter to much.:)
  2. More on the S8 from the Verge..

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    Arctic Silver S8 officially pre-ordered via BestBuy! :D

    Is it April 21st yet?!? :hungry
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  4. S7 finally got the 7.0 update. Downloaded it this morning.

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  5. Got my S8 Pre-Order went with the darker grey.. :)
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  6. Got to see all three colors in person yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised by the orchid gray. In person, to my eyes, it looked more like a deep gunmetal gray. It didn't have near the bright purplish tint that the marketing pics suggest. I'm happy with my arctic silver choice, too. Its the most "metallic" look of the three. I was disappointed in the midnight black to be honest. In person, the solid black made the phone look VERY cheap to me. Didn't look luxurious or high-end. In fact, it made it look like an old cheap glossy plastic phone. That said, I still think the coral blue would have blown away all three, had we been given that option in the US!
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  7. i preordered the s8+ from verizon last week.
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  9. My S8 ships today probably will get it on Thursday.. :)
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  11. Hmm now saying my S8 will be here tomorrow.. :)
  13. Congrats!

    It would appear Best Buy has something screwed up with my order. Never had a problem with Best Buy before. I placed the order within the first 30 minutes of the pre-order going live, and still don't have any shipping notification, yet several folks on Android Central have already RECEIVED their phones from BB. Some who pre-ordered as late as last week, have already received their phones or at least shipping notifications. :mad:
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  14. Well got the S8 so far so good just have a few more things to move over then will be good to go. :)
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  15. Well...Best Buy totally f**ked up my pre-order. :mad: I'll spare everyone the full rant, but I basically told them where to shove my order. :mad: What a colossal let down and waste of time that mess turned into. Last time I pre-order anything from BB, and that from a long time loyal (elite+ level) customer.

    Just got in a last minute "pre-order" direct thru Verizon to still hopefully get in on the pre-order promos. Shipping showing for Monday now.
  16. Man that stinks got mine all setup all good to go it's the best device by far out there.. I pre-order through Sprint like two weeks ago they got the phone to me like two days early so they done me right very happy with their service. :) Let me know what you think once you get yours in you wont be disappointed.. :)
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  17. Best Buy seems to be doing that more and more, and not just with phones. I ordered speakers that were in stock and got the run around for more than two weeks when they didn't ship them. After contacting their corp headquarters it turns out they didn't charge me enough for them and they were hoping I would cancel the order. I refused and threatened to file a complaint with the PA State Attorney General's office (they have never failed me). The speakers got shipped the next day, nearly three weeks after I initially purchased them. I won't be shopping there anymore.
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