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  1. That samsung 8 $99 dollar virtual reality deal was a scam. I preordered march came today (4/21) ..i went to order it and they were "sold out"..I did get the free VR goggles though
  3. $99 dollar promo is "sold out"
  4. that earlier, and I agree 100% that the whole promo was total garbage. I knew I'd never get that , and by Monday, I'll be surprised if I even get the free Gear VR. :(

    Thats one reason I'm so pi$$ed off at Best Buy screwing my preorder so bad. Should have had my phone on Tuesday or Wednesday, considering when I ordered and when they started shipping.

    Can't help but believe there will also be some backlash at Samsung over how that "promo", which was endlessly advertised thru all possible S8 outlets, has played out. It was essentially "sold out" before the phone even hit the official launch date, given how many outlets were shipping earlier in the week.
  5. First as soon as you get your S8 make sure to register with Samsung this goes for everyone who pre-order the S8 make sure that Best Buy gets you a copy of your original pre-order paper work. That way when you go to Samsung Promotions you can upload that to them showing that you had originally placed the order before the 20th. You should be good to go as long as they can provide that to you which they should be able to. I always recommend people to deal with their carriers when it comes to pre-orders plus they get them to you earlier and easier to get your paper work due to it comes with the device. Sprint got my device to me two days earlier before it was released so I was very impressed with them.. :)
  6. Yeah we will see tomorrow since that's the 5th I have the app already so I will see. :)
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  7. Yeah...I'm going to give it a go, too. Would be cool if it works.
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    Not terribly surprising, but this doesn't seem to be working for existing owners. I think the reporter @ AC got trolled by Samsung on this one, given they were the only news outlet reporting the promo as available to existing S8 owners.

    EDIT: Confirmed it's bogus for existing S8 owners...the few existing owners who managed to register for this new promo are reporting getting emails that their purchase was outside the valid dates. The app wouldn't even let me register at all.
  9. Yeah same here as well but hey it was worth a try. I have been really happy with the S8 so far it's a great device.. :)
  10. You can watch Samsung Live Note 8 Event here.. :)

  11. I may have to get an 8, but only after they are out for a while.
  12. I already pre-ordered 2 of the note 8's...

    Shipping date is 9-5..hoping to see it on the way a little sooner than that...
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  13. Yeah saw that Note 8 Pre Order Sales are ahead of last device so folks will have to let us know what their thoughts are about the new Note 8.. :)
  14. I just watched a segment from the TWiT Network about some Oreo users reporting their Cellular Data is being used even when they're connected to WiFi. The TechRepublic condensed the report and analysis of the behavior down to this:
    The video segment from "The New Screensavers" that discusses the issue is here:
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  15. Sam's Club had the best pre order for Note 8 that I saw (unless you owned a Note 7) so I ordered one from there. $200 gift card and the Samsung free stuff, and no Activation fee if there is one. I'm hearing the clubs here are also throwing in some food because of the storm a chicken dinner for four. (Their ready chicken is actually very good)
  16. I didn't buy the Note 8. The Sim card is different than my other Samsung Phones so I would no longer have a back-up phone. There are some times when I want a smaller phone or just change phones for awhile so getting the new phone would make my other phones useless as back-ups.
  17. As long as the Sim card is smaller than in your old phone you could get an adapter to make it work in an older phone.
  18. Amazon sells kits to adapt various SIM cards to different SIM slots for under $4.

    Apparently there are "regular", "micro" and "nano" SIM card form factors and using two of the adapters will allow you to use a "nano" SIM in a "regular" SIM slot.