The more I see the "Tivo is better than" comments...


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Jun 15, 2004
..the more that I want the Dish 522 to succeed. I had a Tivo before and it was ok. I enjoyed it. I also had/have a ReplayTV which everyone seemed to dis when comparing it to Tivo. I loved the "extra" features it had when compared to the Tivo and I wanted that more than the Tivo. Network capable, internet video sharing, auto commerical skip. Tivo could not touch that (Without hacking the hell out of it) Anyway....I hope that Dish gets it together with the 522. I have seen some quirks with it but I don't think it is THAT much inferior to Tivo. Does Tivo have more functions? Of course. But I love the underdog and certainly will be pulling for the 522 and all of Dish DVRs for that matter to level the playing field with Tivo.
I also have to agree... I am damn happy with my 522! Plus, for some reason, I just don't like the TiVo. Underdogs, unite!
When I first heard about Tivo I thought the real advantage would be when it's functionality gets integrated with digital receivers (cable or satellite). I'm glad I waited and am happy with the 522. Name based recording will be icing on the cake.
My brother recently had DirecTV/Tivo installed at his house. To me, the most frustrating thing about Tivo is how slow it is to browse through the Tivo guide. I hope that once they do the Name Based Recording, it doesn't hog the memory and slow down the guide as much as Tivo.

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