The Woes of IPTV


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Nov 17, 2006
Hello everyone, this is my first post!

IPTV is really taking off here in the UK, British Sky Broadcasting and BT appear to be the big service providors making a lot of ground at the moment. However it seems even the most trivial things get in service providor's ways.

I recently read in a computing magazine that a small service providor, SGS (I think) are in the middle of a slanging match with the owner of The company was hoping to buy the domain name as part of their Internet presence but the domain owner turned them down.

The company went mental and are raising a DRP against him (although they don't appear to have any case). Apparently the magazine spoke to the owner who said it was down to simple economics, if the forcasts are correct, he hopes the domain will increase in value over the next couple years.

SGS offered him 5K (which if that was me I would have sold being that the capitalist that I am!). Not sure at what point he considers it valuable!?!

I saw that story too however you are incorrect.

The company offered him £500 for both domains, which he declined. He asked for 5K.

I think that was a good decision.


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