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  1. Hello! We have PS Vue but notice we primarily watch local channels with our Netflix. We’ve discussed dropping Vue and just going with an antenna. According to Antennaweb we would need a Yellow rated one.

    What would be a good option that would allow our 4 Rokus to access the OTA channels? A guide and DVR capabilities would be nice.
  3. Tablo or Plex. Not sure if Plex lets you see the Live channels on the Roku yet.

    Best option would incur a large investment would be a Tivo Roamio OTA w/Mini's for a whole home option that can also access Netflix and Amazon within the Tivo Menu .
  4. Remember REPACK is coming in about 2 years so you may have to reinvent your system again.
  5. What do y’all think of Tablo?
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  6. I had purchased a refurbished 4 Tuner Tablo, and had nothing but problems with it for a year. Even though the Tablo was listed as no returns, due to the many issues they refunded me my money. It started out with a bad power adapter, which they immediately shipped out a new adapter. Every two to four weeks, the unit would not be detected on the network, but the network light was still on. (the link led) Their answer was to always reboot or to re-flash it with the current software (that was already on it). Then it would work for another two to four weeks. I now have a TiVo and love it. The OTA TiVo does not have the streaming capabilities, but requires a TiVo stream for streaming. Other TiVos do have built in streaming. There is also KMTTG, a program written by users free of charge for downloading the recorded videos off of the TiVo. With pyTivo, another program free of charge written by users, you can push your own videos from your computer to the TiVo. I do not know if there is any app for the Roku's to access the TiVo. (Tablo now has a new model out, may be better?) I only use my TiVo on one TV, but have a second at a Friends that I access over the internet via TiVo oline to setup recording.
  7. The only change that the repack may require rests entirely with the antenna configuration. None of the rest of it should change until ATSC 3.0 (or similar) becomes the new broadcast standard quite a few years in the future.
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  8. I recommend a modest computer running Plex with an ATSC tuner card (like the Hauppauge QuadHD) in it. The Tablo is quite expensive (even when compared to TiVo) and has proven to be more than a little problematic.

    Plex is a very active project with gobs of users and when the transition to the next broadcast standard happens, you won't have to toss the whole system.
  9. We have a 3 year old Roamio that can do OTA that we aren’t using. Just depends on if I can get a deal on service for it.
  10. TiVo typically offers no "deals" for old boxen. It is their way or not at all. That said, lifetime service is still an option as your Roamio should continue to work with OTA for the foreseeable future. The payoff comes in about 37 months.

    On the other hand, you can put together a really nice media server for the cost of lifetime service ($549.99). Just don't waste your time with devices that aren't fully modular computers (almost any Mac, Raspberry Pi, nVidia Shield, Xbox, etc.).
  11. More than likely the only programming discount will be purchasing a "lifetime subscription" You have a better chance of buying a refurbished product with lifetime on it from TIVO. Call and ask the worst they can say is no offers available currently.

    Ebay always has some TiVo products if you are a good shopper there are bargins.
  12. Roamio OTA 1TB with lifetime included is $399 and is frequently on sale for $199 to $299. I bought a 500GB Roamio OTA w/lifetime for $249 when they first started offering lifetime with the purchase 2years ago. I upgraded the drive on that one to 3Tb. I bought a 2nd Roamio OTA for my sister back in March when they had a sale for $199. It was supposed to be a 500gb model but they ran out and sent a 1Tb model so I haven't upgraded the drive on it.

    The OTA model comes with lifetime now and is a better deal than the Roamio Basics w/lifetime that I bought 2.5-3 yrs ago and paid $550-$600 each for with the old PLSR multi-unit discount.

    I expect sales to start soon with Black Friday approaching and the old Tivo Mini is now discontinued as a new 4K Mini will be coming out soon.
  13. Do any of the Roamios do 4K with Netflix?
  14. Just the Bolt, no Roamios. The new 4K mini should, but that is unknown until it is actually released. The Bolts Amazon app finally does 4K now too
  15. I remember why I canceled TiVo now before. Their customer service is a bear to talk with!
  16. Yes unfortunately, it is. Many have more luck with Twitter. I think it is luck of the draw with any of them
  17. What would y’all recommend for a budget friendly antenna for my address?

    TV Fool

    Would be wanting the DFW locals to the SW
  18. That’s a good looking report, a small combo like the RCA-751 from Home Depot or Wal-Mart should work fine.

    If your old TIVO has had a minimum of 24 months of paid service on it previously you could restart the service, then call to cancel about 25 days later. When they ask why you want to cancel tell them it is not a good value at the monthly rate and you are going to try the Channel Master DVR. There is a good chance they offer you lifetime service for $199.
  19. Or just wait for Black Friday, when they'll again most likely offer Roamio's with Lifetime ("all-in") service for $199.
  20. Thank you both!! I’ve got that antenna on order ready to pick up at my local Walmart so hopefully I’ll get this hooked up tonight.
  21. TIVO-Ted just posted on TCF there will be a “smoking deal” for the OTA Roamio 500GB with All-In-Plan on Cyber Monday limited to a few hundred units.
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