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  1. Forget what it's called..the device allows you to attatch it to the antenna and will send the signals in via Wi-Fi to my wireless gateway. Assuming I can then stream OTA signals to tv. I have a Roku Premiere+. What else if anything do I need and are there any other pieces (power injector, etc) does it come with? Keep in mind I'm using a preamp with a power injector and not sure how to wire it up. Thanks. Andy
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    You didn't say what kind of antenna you have and where it is placed. Small indoor, larger outdoor? Is the outdoor antenna located outside or in the attic.. etc It makes a difference where the best placement of that device is.
    Also have you looked around at other devices like one of the Tablo models, Channel master models or the present excellent Amazon deal for the 1TB TIVO Roamio? (or some ebay deals)
  4. If you can't remember what it is called, you should wait to make your post until you're absolutely certain you've got a make and model to offer us.
  5. Clearstream OTA Wireless tv tuner. As I said, it allows you to send signals via Wi-Fi. As for my antenna, I would like to use an outdoor VHF/UHF (before you ask, most majors are on hi VHF) and will be using a preamp. That enough?
  6. Given the sad state of your reception situation, chasing after different tuner technologies probably isn't a good investment. There's little to suggest that this unit is any better than any other tuner you might use.

    If you look closely at how they connect it all up, you'll notice that it isn't much at all like your situation. Adding Wi-fi to the mix only adds delays and additional complication to a system that just isn't getting enough signal in the first place.

    For $100, you should be getting DVR features and much more.
  7. Thanks. Hate this area is horrible for OTA. Will say using a UHF outdoor antenna with preamp 10ft up, even since late summer, has yielded decent reception for Chatt TN DMA, and even 2 hi-VHF channels...have that indoor flat antenna to receive all hi-VHF signals. Interference seems to not be as bad after downloading transmitter locator on app. Precise tuning helped, along with simply shifting preamp to other side of pole. Live very close to local airport and amateur fliers buzz the house often, which causes pixelation for a few seconds. All signals are mostly 2 edge, bouncing a lot. Rewired and also seemed to help. MUCH more reliable. the WI-FI idea looks great on paper...not so much in real life for me. Found interference was from of all things heat pumps going into defrost mode.
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