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  1. Gotta clear stuff out before the ATSC 3 units roll out.
  3. I hear Tivo all the time. Why not a Channel Master DVR? May not have as much space, but from what I understand, no monthly fee like Tivo. Question is WHY would I want to buy a DVR that I pay a monthly fee for? Tried to get away from that with cable DVR fees...If you want Netflix, get a cheap streaming player if you don't have a smart tv. Sure, it's nice for everything to be built in but seems to me, and I'm on a very limited income, the goal is saving money. For me, that means not having all the bells and whistles. Guess I'm too old...
  4. Tivo is a premium product with 4 tuners and works as a whole home dvr solution with the Tivo Mini. Channelmaster only has 2 tuners and if you want it in another room you have to buy another dvr and swap hard drives or record everything twice.

    EDIT: The Tivo Roamio OTA doesn't have a monthly fee. It's all built into the purchase price
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  5. Why buy a Cadillac, when a Chevette will get you to the same place?... Because a Cadillac is a much better ride.

    Tivo is worth the money, and you can buy one today for $199.99 with NO FEES for service, you better hurry though, as they'll go out the door by the truckload at that price. TiVo | Cyber Monday 2017 Door Buster TiVo DVR Deals Only Today!
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  6. I’ll pass I have two Channel Master DVR+ units, and they can download the EPG over the Internet, or use PSIP. And no monthly fees.
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  7. If you don't get what you're after, it doesn't matter how much money you save as its all for naught. A DVR with clunky guide service is little more than an expensive tuner and if you can't pick up the channels you want to record, you're throwing your money away.

    Products like the Channel Master DVR (and much less expensive options) are based on being able to grab OTA guide data and if you can't reliably obtain that (because your signal is so poor), you've got nothing but frustration.

    Situations like yours is why there are "lifeline" pay TV options; because something with certainty is perhaps better than hoping and being regularly disappointed.
  8. Don't forget about mediasonic DVR's I have one they are not bad for the price and PQ.
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