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Dec 27, 2005
and I am soliciting opinions. I really like the Dish-like PVR and I cannot see spending 600 bucks to get a PVR that only feeds one TV (my current option with *C). I have a couple questions for the Expressvu crowd:

a) Is there a monthly PVR fee (like Dish charges)?

b) I am currently using a broker, so obviously I won't be hooking up to a phone line. I have read in the past that the ExpressVu audit team can be pretty aggressive. If I only have one receiver, will my concerns be "minimal"? LOL!

c) I have heard that the HD picture quality has become degraded recently. Any comments from Expressvu folks.

I live in Montana so I don't think there will be an issue with acquiring the signal. Thanks for any comments people may offer up.

I have had both; twice. When I was with ExpressVU I had the 9200 (942) and it was a really nice machine; better than the 530 in most areas.

Having said this I prefer Starchoice because their service is better and HD is output in 1080i vs. ExpressVU at 720pish and I mean ish.

Lots of people have noticed a degradation in signal quality with ExpressVU since last fall.

To address your concerns directly:

a) No
b) At one receiver or two you are pretty much ok
c) see above comments

ExpressVU has the fancy Voom channels that show eye candy but IMHO uninteresting shows. Starchoice has Showcase HD which I cannot live without as well as National Geographics HD which I watch from time to time more so than any of those useless Voom channels.

The 530 does not pick up on repeats and show time changes yet like the 9200 or 9242 does.

Starchoice is utilizing 8psk for HD right now and the 530 has a pcmia slot for a mpeg4 module.

I am looking to change from SC due to annoyance with their semi annual price increases. After seeing a side by side demo of HD channels on the same model Samsung HDTVs in a shop; I will 100% NOT be going to Expressvu. They have earned their "Compressvu" + "HD lite" nomikers.

Looks like I will be a Rogers Cable customer soon - I really can't believe that Rogers gives better value/HD PQ than the satellite boys - but I guess it's just an indication of how much Shaw and Bell are ripping off their satellite subs.

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