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SatelliteGuys Pro
Jul 8, 2005
I read a post on a message board that was interesting...basically he gets phone, tv and internet for about $30 a

He lives I think in san francisco and there's free wifi access...ok free internet...

he used a antenna for the hdtv card on his OTA HDTV...

Then he watches some streaming tv online

then he uses skype and pays $30 a year...all outgoing calls are free he only pays for incoming calls

Of course though in the long run this could kill off free wifi or wimax internet simply due to the bandwith....
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Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
Sep 7, 2003
Western WV
The calls are free until the end of the year. After that it will be more closer to $30 a month than $30 a year.

In the long run speeds and technology will continue to improve offsetting the additional people using it and increasing demand for speed (at least we can hope).
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