Bountiful Quadruples Wi-Fi Router Range


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Jan 25, 2004
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Bountiful WiFi recently introduced the wireless Bountiful Router that the company claims can cover an area up to four times larger than other wireless devices.


David Egbert, CEO of Bountiful WiFi, said his company developed the innovative wireless router in response to demand in the enterprise space for a more reliable wireless signal.

"The company is committed to offering unmatched wireless technology, and the Bountiful Router will be the first product to confirm this commitment," he said.

Four Times the Range

According to company officials, the wireless router expands the wireless range of traditional routers by two to four times by operating at the highest power level currently allowed by the FCC for wireless routers.

Most wireless routers operate at a level of between 15 and 17 decibel milliwatts (dBm), but the Bountiful Router operates at nearly 30 dBm.

The new Bountiful Router is the company's first entry in the wireless market. By the end of this year, Bountiful WiFi will release a wireless access point, followed by a point-to-point outdoor wireless device.

Router Features

The Bountiful Router supports wireless 802.11b/g standards and does not require extenders, repeaters, boosters or amplifiers. It also offers standard wireless security options and broadband gateway functions, and can transparently bridge wireless and wired networks.

Other features include 64-bit and 128-bit encryption, port forwarding, wide area network support and dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) server features.

The router also offers several layers of access control in addition to firewall and packet filtering, denial-of-service prevention and built-in intrusion detection. Other features include a management interface, a setup wizard and an upgradeable firmware package.

Cost and Speed

Conventional 802.11b/g access points typically have a range of about 300 feet with a data rate of about 1 Mbps. According to Bountiful, the new router can reach up to 1,200 feet and maintain an 802.11g data rate of 48 Mbps even at 600 feet.

The Bountiful Router costs US$625. Company officials said that a wireless router from other companies similarly configured would cost in the $600 to $800 range without the ability to reach as far as the Bountiful Router can.;_ylt=AqXPdgmYwcig1t7hGPgvUJsjtBAF;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl


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Jul 12, 2006
I have tried the Bountiful Router and had great luck with it? Has anybody else out there? I do recommend it. It simply does what the company says. I was skeptical at first but am convinced now


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Aug 12, 2006

I bought one for testing. I'm having mixed experiences with mine. It is very difficult to upgrade the firmware (at least the 268 version) and additionally, using the factory firmware it shipped with, mine seems to freeze up regularly. I tried it with multiple WNICs and on multiple stations. In each instance, every 4-12 hours I show a good wireless signal but no access to websites, and no reply when I ping the gateway IP address. The setup I've used for testing is a dual NAT, on two different subnets. Encryption is via WPA-PSK TKIP. Web browsing, network shares, and RDP work perfectly until it freezes.

Any other router I use works flawlessly in this configuration. I've tried troubleshooting the problem--including a "repair" on my Windows XP Wireless adapter, disabling/re-enabling the same adapter, disconnecting from the Bountiful AP, re-associating with the AP, and nothing but a power cycle on the router does the trick.

I may have a different experience once I get FW version 268 on the device. At the moment I'm hung up on the bootrom update. Ack.
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