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Feb 8, 2008

I have GOT to learn more about FTA.

But, there are a few questions I have.

1. Sports

Are the regular broadcast channels available? ESPN?
NFL Network?

2. High Definition

Can you get it on FTA with the right equipment? If so,
What type equipment and dollar range are we talking

3. Existing DirecTv Dish

Is it usable? New LNB's required?

4. Cabling

Existing cabling in house sufficient?

5. Multiple TV's

What is required to be able to receive different channels on
different TV's simultaneously?

Thanks people...I really need an education in this!! ANY help will be sincerely appreciated.

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Dec 26, 2006
Start in the FAQ section

Welcome southernguy55, you are entering a great hobby with FTA. Best to start with lots of reading, all your questions have already been answered numerous times. Read the FAQ section, then all the pages in the general fta section you posted in, then come back and ask us some specifics.
To answer your BIG question though>no, you will not be able to see ESPN or ESPN2 or ESPN Classic or any of their other "Pay-ME" channels. They are scrambled, and not available to home-dish owners other than by their chosen delivery systems, that being pizza dish, or cable tv. They now refuse to sell their signals on cband to those of us who subscribed for years on the big dish.
BUT, once you get the hang of free to air tv, you will be able to find more sports than you can watch. Free. But maybe not the specific game you may be dying for on any given day/night.
It's not a replacement for pay-tv, fta is free unscrambled tv that is available
to anyone with a dish and a receiver.
Click on THE LIST, at top, for some idea of what you might find with free to air tv.
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