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Dec 16, 2003
I really hope there is an easy solution to this stupid problem. I'm not a "DVR" newbie, as I was formerly a Dish customer. However, having switched to Directv, I am a "Tivo" newbie.

I just installed a Philips DSR704 and one thing is driving me crazy. It records programs on its own, seemingly at random. I've checked all the obvious menus to make sure I haven't accidentally set it up to record. Everyday, at random times, I notice that it's recording. So far, I can't find a pattern, but it has only recorded movies on premium channels so far. I thought maybe a different remote from another room was the problem, so I changed the remote address--no effect.

Perhaps I'm too close to the situation and am overlooking the obvious. Can anyone help? It's been set up for 2 days now, and I love it.

Make sure you turned off the recording of "Tivo Suggestions". By default, this is "on" and would cause things to "randomly" be recorded.

->DirecTV Central
-->Messages & Setup
--->My Preferences
---->Tivo Suggestions
-----> No, don't record...
Thanks for the tip. I finally figured that out last night after my wife asked, "have you checked the manual?"

Manual? What manual? LOL.
I felt the same way about tivo suggestions when I first got my tivo,but now I really enjoy it.If you put 2 thumbs up on the shows you like it works quite well at recording shows you like. If I don't like a show I leave it blank. I also have about 30 season passes.I don't watch much live tv anymore. The tivo suggestions go to the bottom of the pile so their not in the way and they get deleted first.
Please reply by conversation.

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