TNT HD Channel

TNT-HD will be Turner Broadcasting System Inc.'s first standalone HDTV network--but probably not its last.

Last week, Turner officials unveiled plans to finally enter the HDTV market by launching an HDTV-version of top-rated Turner Network Television. TNT-HD, an HDTV simulcast of the "We Know Drama" service, is slated to debut in May, during its coverage of the National Basketball Association Western Conference Finals.

Turner doesn't plan to stop with TNT-HD. A source familiar with the situation said the programmer has also been considering creating HDTV versions of its other networks, such as Turner Classic Movies, possibly as early as sometime this year. There's a need for more family-oriented programming in the HDTV format, and an HDTV-version of TCM
TCM-HD would rock. That channel would be better than all the Cinema 10s combined. Plus Epics. Times 200. TCM is awesome. Hopefully they do the transfers right.
TCM-HD would definately be great. So would IFC-HD. Even B&W movies look better in HD. I have my Sat. Box set to 1080 and it looks great even though I think VOOM is only sending in 720. (Is that right?)
I think the cinema 10s and epics are 720p. But other voom originals are 1080i. All other channels are carried as they're produced. ESPN-HD is 720p, DiscHDT is 1080i.

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