TNT-HD: Timberwolves vs. Lakers NBA Western Conference Finals Game #3 9:00PM EST

And in 5.1 finally. Go wolves. Fans who are casually late to sporting events do not deserve victory.
Walter L. said:
GO LAKERS!!! I can't believe I said it :eek: :shocked
I guess everything is possible after BLAZERS fiasco :no :no

We in Houston love you Blazer fans. Thanks again for the Drexler/Otis Thorpe trade. It does seem you've got most (but not all) of the trouble makers out of there.
I see some minor PQ problems with the game. Not pixelation though. Not sure what you call it, But I think I remember problems with espnhd when it first came on as well. Wondering if its in the feed voom is getting or if it is on Wilts end?
Another problem is that in a close shot and moving target there seems to be horizontal lines that you can see across moving object. I switched to E* to see if I saw these and yes they were there as well. It looks like there is a camera that is doing this.

But the strips breakups are only on VOOM. They are everywhere.
call me crazy (you're crazy!) but the final four that CBS had looked better than this game. This game still looks AMAZING, but for some reason this 1080i game looks different. Is this due to Voom compression compared to my OTA CBS? Or am I just stupid? (don't all answer this at once :D )
One problem is the framing. For some reason, they show way too much empty backcourt. Use the Zoom, Luke!
PQ was fantastic, but the audio really got way out of whack during the postgame. Kobe was muted at first. Low volume at times, etc.
That was through Bright House cable. Voom coming Friday! Woohoo!
ya i turned the sub from 0 which was wosers on every shot to -12 and it was still loud but doable.i kinda like the emphasis on that sound , but whooa doggy at first it kinda sound like a hard core rap song.all in all way better sound than espn.
So others had the picture breakup problem I had? Essentially, I constantly had these "strips of pixels" that would turn green or white. Anyone at Voom know if this will be fixed for tonight's game? Glad to know it is not my receiver causing the regular picture breakup.

The sound still needs work. The center channel (announcers) are too soft and "far away" and the booming bass (I have a large sub, but it is definitely NOT turned on too high) is distracting.

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