Toshiba TRX 2200 Receiver

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Jan 5, 2006
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Toshiba TRX 2200 Receiver ?
I'm thinking of picking one up used, anyone have any issues with this receiver.
Good receiver , Bad Receiver, good for moving dish and switching polarity, let me know.

My first test will be Ku band analog if the Lifetime Promo is still up.
I'm kicking myself for not setting up a C-band dish in summer, but still some good days left in fall. Cold weather coming is my motivation to get things done now.
this is a nice unit , never used one but several friends had them , this is the top of the line for Toshiba ( i think they went to 2220). i always liked the GI units had a 350i , 650i now have a 2410 and a 450i. one nice feature of the higher end models was a event timer ( usually 6 events) this would allow you to set up to record different sats ( the unit would move the dish when the timer was programmed) so you could record several different satellites while gone.
good luck

Well I just purchased a Toshiba TRX-2220 Brand New for $108 including shipping, It's no 4DTV (my dream receiver) but since I lost bidding on a nice used TRX-2200 for $37, I figure I did pretty well for the price considering Skyvision is selling it for around $300.
Now all I need is a C-band dish.

Anyones thoughts ? and I do plan to experiment with Ku which is what I presently have, any good sats for the occasional Ku analog feed ?
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