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Sep 20, 2005
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I'm sure there will be only a few here who are interested in pre-WWII history, but it you want to know how gutless the French government was against the Nazis, you should. It's a true story about a privately funded U.S. effort to get artists and scholors to the US wiithout being sanctioned by the U.S.. And ALSO because, it is the one of the most beautifull cinematography/Dolby Vision examples there is on any streaming service. The acting, the History, is all top notch. Expect many international awards for this onel Here in the States, one for Corey Stall. Shades of "Casablanca"!
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Thanks, Kab. I'll definitely check that out. My dad was stationed in France late in the war. He was Amy Air Corp.
And they’re currently gutless again. Unfortunately I dropped NF. Not paying 20 bucks a month to get UHD. If they’d offer UHD in their 9.99 plan, I’d go back.