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Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by dfergie, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Now that both major Satellite providers and some of the Cable providers have External Hard Drive archiving... I thought I would start this thread so we can share Dvr alerts for programming we might think others would want to archive...
  2. For Trekkies... Star Trek Enterprise on HDNet has the Borg episode tomarrow at 9PM Edt repeated at Midnight Edt.
    MaxHD has Galaxy Quest 9/1 at 6:30 PM Edt.
    HBO has X-Men: The Last Stand at 8 PM same day.
    9/2 MaxHD has the Back To The Future Trilogy starting at 6PM Edt
    HBO has Superman Returns at 7:15 PM Edt same day.
  3. Ohhh good idea. I always find these things when they are half over. I missed the LOTR today.
  4. Scifi alert on MAXHD
    Aliens Monday At 3:30 pm,
    Serenity Tuesday at 10 am,
    Alien Wed at 11 am,
    Star Wars The Empire Strikes back Fri at 4:30 am,
    Star Wars Return of the Jedi Fri 2:30 pm, Batman Begins Sat 9/1 at 4 pm
  5. Alien/Aliens already programmed. Others already archived ;)

    Good idea for a separate thread from the network thread.
  6. StarzHD
    The Sixth Sense 11:40am Tuesday
    Underworld: Evolution 11 am Wed
    Scream -2:05am Thurday
    POTC DMC on 3 times Friday First showing at 6:05 am
    The Grudge 2 -8:40am Edt Friday
    Blade - 5:05 pm Edt Friday
  7. What would really be great would be the Borg two-parter on Star Trek Tne Next Generation in HD ("The Best of Both Worlds") - voted one of top 100 TV episodes of all time.
    Probably the best cliffhanger ever - I remember waiting all summer to find out what happened !
  8. That was a good cliffhanger... I have the Borg dvd set, but it's lent out at the moment...
  9. Max HD
    Early Wed (9/5) 5:40am Edt Monterey Pop festival
    Ice Age The Melt down 7am Edt
    The Dead Zone Thursday 9:30 am Edt
    King Kong (05) 1:30 am Fri 0/6
  10. Have it in the TNG DVD collection; but wish that it was remastered in HD. The 4:3 PQ on the DVDs is lacking.

    It was a great cliff-hanger. By far the best trek one.
  11. MaxHD 9/04
    Chinatown 4:00AM EDT
    The Princess Bride 2:30PM EDT
  12. TNT (all times Edt)
    Titanic Saturday 9/1 - 8 pm
    Miss Congeniality Midnight 9/1
    Gone With The Wind 7am Sunday 9/2
    Charlies Angels Saturday 9/8 - 8 am
    Desperado 9/8 - 2 pm
    Once Upon a Time In Mexico 9/8 4 pm
    Ocean's Eleven (01)9/8 - 8 pm
  13. I assume that TNT showings have commercials, and are edited for content (and maybe even for time), correct ?

    If Desperado is unedited, I would be interested in DVR-ing it (my wife is interested in seeing it, having seen Once Upon A Time in Mexico in the local theater).

    For those who aren't aware, Once Upon A Time in Mexico is the sequel to Desperado, which in turn is the remake of Rodriguez' student film El Mariachi. All three films are worthwhile, but actually El Mariachi is in many ways the best, since the story is not modified for commercial purposes, and it is simply amazing to see what he was able to do - in terms of effects and stunts - on a budget of a few thousand dollars.

    PS Titanic and Gone With The Wind are arguably the two most popular films of all time, certainly the latter is a must-see, but only if you first DVR it and then fast forward through the commercials.
  14. Yes commercials, not sure how much editing is done... awhile back Titanic looked stunning...
  15. in less than 30 minutes (easter time). Monster will air Psycho and you can catch tomorrow again. Also, after Psycho, the Birds will air... Excellent classics. Watch them both on 9/1 and look for the repeat in the day time.
  16. Sorry it should 9/2...
  17. Cool... both are good movies... :)
  18. DVR-ing the original The Blob (with a very young Steve McQueen) in a few hours on HDN-Movies.
  19. Bump :D
  20. Bummer !

    The listing said that it was the original 1958 The Blob, but actually the recent remake was shown. :(

    ( I have not seen the remake, but there was no good reason for a remake. Why not just write a different story ? You could also set it in suburbia, if that was important to what you were doing. Gee, in fact, someone did it and called it "E.T." - and surprise, it was 100 times more popular than the remake of The Blob. )