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Jun 18, 2006
I have a superdish with 522 receiver. When re-installing dish (tree hit house, knocked dish out of alignment), I ran check switch and get a "NC" or no connection for 119 and 121 but do get "Conn" for the twin 110 lnb. Tried switching cables, ports, etc. but always get "NC" for 119 and 121. Cables test good, connections good. Can't get any signal on 119 port 1 to point dish.
How do I test for a faulty DP34 or faulty LNB's?

Bob Haller

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Sep 11, 2003
pittsburgh pa
try raising the dish elevation just a little, cover the 110 lnb with foil paper and use the 119 lnb to search for 119.

sounds like your dish elevation may be just a little low


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Feb 29, 2004
Florissant, CO
Yeah - if that doesn't help, isolate the 119 feed and hok it directly to a receiver and aim. Then move to 110's feed and make sure it has signal. Now put the DP34 back in the mix (with 119 into port #1, 110 into #2 and 121 into #3 - EVEN IF it was not that way before! trust me!).

Run a check switch and see that you get 119 in Column 1, 110 in 2, and 121 in 3.

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