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Dec 24, 2004

Having a interesting problem with my 522 and 322 distant "radio" remotes. They are not only changing the channel on the tv in front of them. But, they are also changing channels on the other tv as well! Both are differing brands of television. How can I set up the remotes to prevent them from interfearing with each other?:confused:


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Jun 27, 2004
Ok, you are refering to the fact that there changing channels on the other receivers (522 changing 322 and vice versa)

Here is how to do it from the 522 manual ( page 48-49)

Change the Address
When you receive your system, both remote controls and the receiver have been
set to communicate on address 1. However, because UHF signals travel long
distances and go through walls, a neighbor’s UHF Pro remote could control
your receiver by mistake if they are on the same address.
Note: You can also use this procedure to change the Primary Remote Address
for IR Remote Control 1 on a nearby TV, if necessary. However, if you are using
a UHF Pro remote to control TV1, use the instructions on page 46 to change the
To handle this situation, you can change address on Remote Control 2 and the
receiver as follows:
1. Make sure you turn on the TV.
2. Press the front panel SYSTEM INFO button to display the System Info
The System Info screen shows the Secondary Remote Address.
Write down this address:
3. Press and hold the SAT button on Remote Control 2 for about
three seconds, until all of the mode buttons light up, and then let
go of the SAT button.
4. Use the NUMBER PAD buttons to enter any number between 1 and 16, but
not the one you wrote in step 2.
Write down the number you entered:
5. Press the POUND (#) button. If you entered the address correctly,
the SAT mode button will flash three times.

6. Press the RECORD button.
7. Make sure the Secondary Remote Address you see on the
System Info screen is the same as the one you entered in step 4. If
it isn’t, the remote cannot control the receiver.
8. Press the SELECT button to close the Important System
Information screen.
Checking the Remote Control Address
1. Press and hold the SAT mode button for three seconds, until all of
the mode buttons light up, and then let go of the SAT button.
2. Press the POUND (#) button twice. The SAT mode button will
flash the same number of times as the address number (three
flashes means address 3).

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