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Jul 22, 2017
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I am posting this because I have been having trouble with my DISH Connections in my RV and Nobody (Tech Support) could figure out what was going wrong. I am sure others will find this helpful! (For all types of WINEGARD Automatic DISH Antennas). I have a Winegard T4 Roadtrip In-Motion DISH (HD sats 110, 119 & 129 for west coast) and multiple (2) VIP 211z Receivers in the RV and every time I tried to lock in the tuners, I would get somewhat connected with 1 or both receivers and then for whatever reason, channel change, someone walking into the RV, I would lose signal on 1 or both receivers. This system is setup so 1 receiver is the MAIN and the other is a SLAVE (which means it will only have a signal matching the SAT (110, 119, 129) that the MAIN is locked onto and the MAIN is the only one that can signal the antenna to move to one of the other satellites.

The key to setting this up for both receivers correctly, you MUST Lock & Load ONE Receiver at a time. (With the other receiver turned OFF).

So you go up to the Antenna, and Set the Receiver you want connected to the MAIN, Go to the TV and Turn ON That receiver, ONLY. (make sure the auto Antenna switch is on, and you have clear view to the southern skies, (no obstructions). If you are on the right Receiver, it will acquire signal (within 5 minutes) and download the Guide (10 Min) if NOT, you may have the cables switched, turn the receiver off & check the other receiver. Once complete, turn OFF the Receiver, Connect the other receiver to the MAIN @ the antenna, and repeat the process with the other Receiver, again antenna switch ON. If you have any difficulties acquiring the signal with either receiver while connected to the MAIN, the problem is most likely in the cable from the receiver to the antenna, to verify, get a nice new piece of cable go directly from the receiver out the window to the antenna MAIN and repeat installation. Once complete you may switch whichever receiver you want to the MAIN, and let the other be the SLAVE. (Use the MAIN to move the LNB to the correct satellite for the channel you wish. (It does not have to be the same channel but must be matching Satellite (110, 119, 129). GOOD LUCK!

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