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Ok, I currently have a Dish 500 and Dish 300 feeding an SW64 switch. I have 2 7200 dishplayers a 3900 and a 6000.

It'll be too damn expensive for me to do the superdish thing with all the adapters and I don't really want to wait until 2nd quarter 2004 for the Dishpro Plus stuff. Plus I really just want to play and see if I can do it. The other thing is that I already have a Winegard 76cm dish DS-2076 dish sitting here.

I purchased an FSS lnb off ebay and tried pointing the dish. Getting no signal. I have fed the lnb straight into the receiver, tried with the cascade from my SW64 into a SW21, and also feeding stright from a Dish 300 pointed at 119 legacy lnb and combineing to sw21, all with no luck.. still getting no signal whatsoever.

I am located in zip 30043 outside Atlanta, GA. I pointed the dish at using angles from Elevation = 44, Azmuth = 216 (with magnetic deviation added), LNBF Polarization (skew) = 27.8 positive. I cannot get a signal off this dish and lnb no matter what I try.

I also tried pointing at 121 with the same results.

The LNB I bought is listed here:

Can anyone shed some light on the situation for me?

The 105 and 121 sats are very picky as far as aim goes. I would suggest taping a DBS lnb on there and lining it up for 110. Then it is just a small tweak to 105.

As far as switches go, you will need to run 2 cables from your new LNB into the 3A & 3B ports on your SW64. The SW64 locks polarity on each you will need both. You should be able to peak the 105 without any of the others hooked up.
Smith, LO Frequency changes with temperature, usually, the LNBF come with +/-2MHz, the value you put is too great, its 10.75MHz :)
Smith, you think this one will work?
I just realized my mistake, I went through too many MHz and GHz #s that I confused your value, you were right.
After todays retailer Charlie chat your need to do a make-shift superdish is not needed. It was announced all HD will go to 110 (except HD Demo and CBD-HD) and any added HD (for the foreseeable future) will also go to 110. After that in the more distant future it looks to be the wings satellites will take the reaming HD (probably years from now).
Yeah, saw the info from the chat so I am scrapping my poor man's superdish install for now... Charlie will probably change his mind again and decide to put new HD on the 121 bird next month :(
I have a Dish 500: well kindda...i used an 18" dish and pointed it to 110 and then strapped another lnb to it to pick up the 119 and made my own dish 500. Both dual lnbs run into my SW42. I also have a Dish 300 with single lnb looking at 61.5. I am using SW21 switch to cascade the output of SW42 and the Dish 300.

Anyways, I have had this setup for an year almost and it works just fine. I have what is called "3-SATs " (i think ;-)) Now, seeing all the new developments: I ordered a FSS single lnb and still looking for a big dish. I think that I should be able to take my Dish 300 off and get a big dish and fix my FSS lnb on it and point it at 121 or 105..and it should work. (Cascade the FSS feed and the Dish 500 using SW21 switch.) I am waiting on my FSS lnb.. I will post what I find out.

I guess my point is...when i tried to find info on the '3-SATs'..i couldn't find anything online, so I went on and tried it myself and it worked. So, I am gonna do the same with this and see what happens. And will let you know.

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