Trying to lock on AMC3 87.OW

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James leandre

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Jul 25, 2007
26.4 N, 81.4 W
Greetings everyone,

My C-band satellite dish was aimed at G16 99C for a long time. Now I bought a Powermax v-box & actuator to motorize the system. My latitude is 26.4N, and Longitude is 81.4w.
I'm using the Modified Polar Mount chart on ,and Fat Air: How to for a polar mount Parabolic Bud. I'm using an AZBOX Ultra to align the system. Does anyone know the strongest TP Frequency on AMC3 87W C-band to use. That's the closest c-band satellite to my location.What I've done so far is to have the C-band LNB at 0 mark point straight up. Point the dish at Zenith(true south) with polar Elevation at 26.4, Declination 30
Then adjust the polar elevation to 58.5 pointing at azimuth 192.5 using TP 4158H 19.530 On AMC3 87.0W on the AZBOX Ultra. I haven't locked on AMC3 87.0W


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Jan 28, 2010
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Hi James. When I try your given location of Immokalee, FL in the dishpointer website it gives your longitude as -81.4W so I would use AMC 9 at 83.0W as your true south bird and try and find the Pennsylvania Cable channel.

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Feb 27, 2010
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Looking over your numbers 26.4N , Mod declination chart says about 3.88°(3.9°) Longitude is 81.4w
so 83W would be fist choice for "south sat" 87W would be second. I'd "fudge" the dish a click or two west with the actuator from absolute zenith to start, as the sat is a tad west of your location. If you set the polar angle to Latitude, it's within .6° of what's called for when using the "Modified Declination" (27°) If I were to take into account measurement inaccuracies, set to (guestimate if necessary) 26.7 to start.
Lat (Modified) and declination= 27, + 3.88 = 30.88 Zenith Elevation= 90 -30.88= 59.12°.
Dishpointer has 83W at an elevation of 59.1° I'd say you're right on. Gotta go with the consensus here, think the LNB has to be rotated 90°. - 83.0°W 3805 V 4166 -
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