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Aug 4, 2011
San Antonio, TX
Just finished setting up my first FTA system (KU Only). I like it and after seeing what I can get on C-Band I want one. I have a Omegasat5701 receiver. Now I would like to set up a 6 footer to get C-Band (It will be dual). Do I need to get another receiver??? Can I use the existing one. What is recommended? Loking into getting a WS1870P.


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Dec 11, 2005
If you are going to get in to C-Band i recommend that you get a larger dish like 7.5 footer, The Omegasat5701 receiver will work fine with both c/ku dishes


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Mar 25, 2010
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I know how you feel!I started out with a 36" motorized ku system and it wasn't long before i had to get the c-band.I believe the ws1870p is the ws international special! cheap price and many here have bought one with good results.If you live in a area that has a habit of having alot of very high winds i would get a higher quality dish.A 6 footer when set up correctly will get you alot of what the c-band can offer but not all.Bigger will help with some of the low powered tps and some S2 signals.To cover max amount of the arc i would get a 24" actuator.I don't think the 5701 will power the actuator so you will need a V or G box.I use ribbon cable to connect from the receiver/v-box,actuator and LNB but at 1$ plus a foot you can use Rg6u with some cheaper multi wire cable.If your planning on using this new dish just for the c-band there are a few good single band LNB's you can get from the gold sponsors.If you want to do both ku and c on this dish the DMX 741 is a good choice.Your present receiver will work on getting both ku and c from a satellite but dont know if you can get s2 signals and most likely no 4.2.2 transmissions.See my signature for my 6 footer setup. Stan
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