TV advice for Dish 622 TV2 RF output (not HD) (1 Viewer)

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Jun 19, 2004
I'm having trouble trying to find advice on a LCD/Plasma which will be connected to a Dish 622 TV2 output (analog/coax) about 60ft away from the receiver in my bedroom. Currently have a CRT but want to hang the new set on the wall.

Problem is the 622 TV2 output is analog and every writeup i see discusses the SD quality when connected to HD ports on the TV. I'm looking for a 46/47 inch TV to hang on the wall but will NOT be using the HD connections. I know my picture quality will not be as good, but have no choice using TV2 output.

Can anyone recommend a LCD or Plasma that will be using the analog coax port. The TV will be 12ft away for viewing, and mounted straight ahead. I will go to a 43 or 40" if the consensus is the picture will look like garbage on the bigger set.

Recommendations??? as i don't want to spend more than $800 or $900 bucks on this second TV which won't even be using (at least for now) the HD electronics.

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