TV Predictions for 2017?


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Feb 25, 2015
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TV predictions for 2017. What channels do you think will launch/rebrand/close in 2017? Predictions for Dish/Directv/subchannels etc.


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Jan 8, 2008
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I predict more losses for all cable/dish providers in urban areas as more streaming alternatives become available.
Rural areas with poor high speed internet services will continue to use cable/dish services, but the costs to those customers will continue to spiral out of control as the cable providers will not be able to sustain the economics of the business purely on rural customers. The population density in urban areas with high speed internet is much higher and therefore larger concentration of cord cutting customers.


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May 7, 2008
Streaming - This will continue to grow but is reaching its level. By next year we, and more importantly those in charge will know about what % of people can put up with non-linear TV, and the economic decisions based on that can be made.

Sports - The main aspect at the end of the day for streaming is avoiding the high cost of sports channels. The next big fight will be cable/dish wanting to offer a full premium everything except sports package.

CBS - CBS's $6/month for reruns, shows it gives away for free and a new StarTrek derivative is, one, way too much to ask, thus, two, the ST shows will be pirated on a scale previously unknown.

4K - Continue to expand, but still a novilty sideshow. More sports.

News - Rightfully embarassed by the conduct of the talent, the corporate level people will try to bring some adult leadership. Serious merger discussions among news operations will begin.

Rot - At the network level the amount of filmed shows will decline further, with more sports, faux reality, news, and talent competitions. At the cable level, similar, less original shows, more reruns.

Channels - Several will go away. The niche of English speaking Hispanic themed channels just is not there (English speaking Hispanic's watch the same shows as any other English speaking ethnic group) and these are going away.

Ratings - Not much change. NCIS original is about done and will start a decline. CBS is close to having to pay too much for some of its comedies to make money at it. NASCAR is dying, another 20% loss in ratings. NFL will do better, a lot of it really was transitory stuff (election, Cubs, players' dumb political comments, schedule).
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