TVs that will play center channel only?


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Jul 28, 2004
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I'm doing a new home-entertainment system at a house I'm building. I'm planning to mount a 46 or 50 inch TV over the mantle, but I'd like to avoid having to install a center channel speaker.

Are there TVs that will use the built-in speakers to play only the Center audio channel of a 5.1 surround signal? (A/V signal to the TV via HDMI; other channels from DVR and Blu-Ray to surround receiver by optical or coax digital cable.)

I toyed with models on display at a local store but couldn't find such a setting.


Depends on the TV. If you have one with a detached speaker (such as the Pioneer Kuros then you can just run all sound through the AV receiver and then connect the center out from the AV Receiver to the speaker connected to the TV.
I had that feature on a jvc crt based rear projection . Not sure if it is on any new sets. It had speaker terminals on it to be used just for the center channel.
I had to do that for a while several years ago. Basically, my surround sound receiver had RCA pre-amp outputs for each channel. I took the center channel, put a splitter on it and plugged it in to the TV input. I then adjusted the volume on the TV so it was in line with my other speakers.

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