TWC Customers of the DFW area, you maybe losing WFAA Ch. 8 soon.


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May 20, 2009
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well some bad news for DFW Time Warner Cable customers, just when you though WFAA wouldn't be affected by the recent Disney/TWC dispute when the other Disney owned nets were in a contract dispute that was settle before the channels could be remove, look like they too are facing a pending dispute with TWC

on, there's an article about a pending dispute with TWC. the contract to carry WFAA ends on September 25, which means the WFAA viewers on TWC will lose it if the dispute isn't settle.

while i do have Dish Network and not TWC, i just want all TWC customers who are members to know about it, since we feel your pain as we Dish Network customers have has just about as much carriage disputes as TWC does.

here's the dispute info page on WFAA's site:
Dallas - Fort Worth News | | Time Warner Cable and WFAA

and if pulled from the TWC DFW area lineups, you could get WFAA in a different way, which is ether switch to Verizon FiOS, ATT U-Verse, Dish Network or DirecTV, or hook up an antenna to get WFAA, which in some areas is hard to get with it.
update, it's not just WFAA, it's other Belo owned stations, as the deal was for all Belo stations, so all Time Warner Cable customers in all of the areas with an Belo owned station will be affected, not just DFW.

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