Two free BUDs East Texas Area (Jasper) 7/13/9 (1 Viewer)

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SatelliteGuys Pro
May 11, 2008
SE Texas
Here's the back story.
I was supposed to come take down a BUD last fall before Ike, but didnt get to it. I finally remembered about it and when I went back it was down and disassembled on the side of the garage. The lady said she thought I forgot about it and had it taken down. :eek: If I still wanted it I could have it. It looked like it had been dropped, some parts missing etc. Not much use but the 12 ft of 4" pipe made it worth hauling the rest off.:up
The lady's mother came out as I was loading up and asked why did I want it, there was nothing else on that kind of dish. (she remided me of a retired grade school teacher) I explained our lil' niche group and how we (as a group) are on the look out for the 'old antiques' to keep them going. After that she said she had two "screen type" at her home in East Texas. Her husband was going to make a fish pond from them but she sighed and said she doubts it will ever happen. It somebody wanted them they could have them. She might even know where the 'boxes' were.
She did not want to give out here contact info to be put out over the internet (understandably) but said if I wanted to tell people they were available, and if someone was interested and wanted to pass on their contact info she would call them back.
So, anyone that might be interested and wants to PM me their contact info, I will pass it on to her, or maybe her daughter to pass on, as I didnt ask how long she intends to be at her daughter's house.
I really dont know anymore about the stuff, and got the impression she didnt either, but someone interested within driving range might find checking it out worth while.
Hey, maybe it's time we had a Texas FTAer roll call/appx location for those interested in participating. Actually that could apply for any/all states or adjacent geographic areas.
HMMMMM....I think I'll call it BUDNet:cool:, not the one you use to catch your favorite lager when you drop it overboard....hehehehe
and I'm just speculating on the possibility since I've never done that. That 's alcohol abuse:rolleyes:
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