Dallas area BUD looking for a good home.


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Apr 25, 2015
Hello Forum, after many years, and recent years of non-use, of my beloved BUD, I need to send it to a good home.

North Dallas area

I will provide more details as I remember/gather them.

I installed this dish in 1996 or so.
This was a radio shack dish; I don't know who the real mfgr was/is.
7.5 or 8ft , buttonhook, horizon-to-horizon
It is not a mesh but is not solid, has round perforations
There are some hail dents, and exposed metal (paint needed)
C+KU feedhorn
The parabola consists of 8 sections bolted together.

I also have an extra actuator motor for it, feedhorn cover, and other parts.
Original Install Manual
Have extra LNBs
Have a 100ft cable with 2 coax, motor and polar rotor **
** The cable was buried in conduit (pvc pipe) condition unknown

Have a Drake 1824 C band receiver that I used to move the dish
Have a Sonicview HD8000 receiver. **
** The sonicview is not working... I had seen some time ago on ebay a guy who would repair it for $35 but that was several years ago.

I stopped playing with it when the sonicview quit. Prior to that, everything was working.


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How to convert from 4DTV to FTA box out on the dish?

Anybody recommend usa meter budget less than 200