Two Hoppers & Tuners


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Aug 5, 2010
Just ordered two hoppers and three joeys. Question about the tuners. I know the two hoppers will not be intergrated right away I actually hope when they make them intergrated you can turn intergration on and off. It would be an easy way to keep the things my kids watch out of my stuff.

My question is I keep reading that you can point the joey to the other hopper through settings to view the recordings but what happens with the tuners? When you point to a hopper are its tuners also availabe or do you only have thee available at any one time? Also from a Hopper can you watch whats on the other hopper or will this only happen after the intergration?



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Jul 15, 2011
Whichever Hopper the Joey is paired to, it will only have access to the 3 tuners on that Hopper. If all the tuners on that Hopper are in use recording or watching something, pair back to the other Hopper to look for an available tuner on it.

Integration will be required for one Hopper to access the content on the other Hopper. So in a sense, at this time, Joeys have more TV/DVR viewing flexibility than the Hoppers until the integration is in place.

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