U228 Now On Hopper With Sling


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Feb 11, 2010
My HWS updated to U226 manually the other day. I just checked to see if U228 came last night and it didn't. I did notice U226 removed the diagnostics check for update option.


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Apr 14, 2004
Rock Hill, SC
I did notice U226 removed the diagnostics check for update option.

That was only included to allow someone to manually update to 226 if they needed/wanted the Accessibility updates. Dish has never regularly included a manual update option, so assuming they are back to normal software update cycles, that tool in diagnostics probably won't return.
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Dec 5, 2016
Got U228 this morning. Fixed nothing.

1. EHD still shows blank list but with the correct space used up.
2. FavChannels in Guide still shows a single screen ending in channel 981, no way to see other channels until I choose all subscribed, wait a little while. Then can choose my favorites lists again and they work.
3. Still unable to "rent" any free VOD. Can only rent a free movie if there is also a paid version for rent, and can rent a paid movie, but if, for example, there is an Hd free version and that's all, can't select the option to rent it. Only can select trailer button or cancel button.

So Dish has disabled my EHDs with all my movies and won't let me watch free Vod. I'm pissed now. Been a customer since 97. Not happy. I gave them 6 weeks to fix these bugs and they haven't. Before the Carbon, all of this worked...

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