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Oct 15, 2008
Western Maine
I decided to try to stream one of those G14 music channels that Ice was trying to play with his 4200 in the other thread. I thought this would be neat since those channels have a video stream that shows the artist/song info.
So I set up a UDP channel in the Azbox aimed at my laptop with the Genpix receiver, ran TSREADER, told it to stream to VLC, then set up VLC to receive that stream, but then stream it on to the Azbox.
This kind of worked, however it only streamed the audio. The Azbox just had one of those music symbols up on the screen while the music played. When I play on the PC, it shows the video stream with the music info. If I record a bit of the channel, and move it to the Azbox, it plays audio and video. If I stream a regular A/V file using the same UDP channel, I get audio and video. If I try to stream the file I recorded from the PC in the same way that I stream another file, I only get audio. I've tried about every possible combination of parameters in VLC, but I can't get anything to work.
I didn't try this today, but I seem to remember that when I play these channels on my 4200, that the video blinks on for just a second then you get black screen, then a while later it blinks again when the video changes. Ie I think this is all caused by the fact that the Music Choice source only has short bursts of video every20-30 seconds or so, so I think the Azbox is just assuming that there isn't any video when streaming, but when playing a file, it plays the video. But I can't figure out why the difference between playing the file vs playing the video. One other data point... TSREADER indicates that the video is "blacklisted", indicating "no appreciable data" or something like that. TSREADER has an option to remove the blacklist, which I tried, but it didn't help.
Anyway, I know it's probably unlikely that anyone else has both an Azbox and a Genpix that can send UDP streams from a DCII music channel on C band, but if anyone does, I'd sure be interested in whether you can stream the video from these music channels..... OR, does anyone have any idea of whether my theory of why I'm not seeing video makes sense, and/or can think of any way of correcting it..... I'm confused. It would sure be nice to have the video showing the song information on the Azbox screen.
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