UHF remote antenna problems...


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Jan 28, 2008
Bham, AL
here my problem... i have a 625 and 722. using a coax splitter/combiner, i ran coax out of each unit into the combiner. then ran a single coax line into my attic (two story house with an attic) and attached the antenna that came with the 625 to the end of the coax. the antenna is in the middle of the attic, standing straight up and off the floor.

after first getting it situated properly, the UHF remotes work great from anywhere in the house. but a day later, they stop working. can't get the ones downstairs to work at all. and the ones upstairs (not more than 10 feet from the antenna) only work when you point them in a specific direction.

usually, if i go back in the attic, jimmy the cable (move it a bit) but don't really change anything, the remotes start working again fine.

then after sitting for a day/week/whatever, they will stop responding again.

i can't figure out why they would quit working and then start working just by basically touching the cable in the attic.

anyone have any suggestions? thanks for any help :confused:


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Apr 3, 2006
With a 625, I don't use the supplied UHF antenna but have put in its place a small UHF bow-tie antenna which comes with the TV's along with rabbit ears for VHF.
This bow-tie antenna is about 12" by 3". I have it up on the wall about 5' from the receiver.
This receives signals from remote #2 anywhere in the house and has but a short distance to go to the receiver UHF antenna input.

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