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Emma’s mommy

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Mar 1, 2021
I also am having the very same issue! Spent 35 min on chat , which is something rare for me because sometimes I feel I know more Han them ! After that I was told she would let the people who run the software dept know. She also informed me they couldn’t come out to do anything nor could they replace my box. I asked so if it’s not fixed in let’s say a week should I call back ? Her response! These things take time and she couldn’t give me an idea on how long. The only thing was the software solution will be downloaded and I won’t have to do anything! Duhhhh! So don’t complain people let’s just wait until they get the Smarts to fix it!! Ya RIGHT !!!!! When dish is going well I love dish , However when it’s not the people working tech support haven’t a clue!


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Sep 7, 2003
Rohnert Park, CA
Hi Emma’s mommy. Welcome to Satellite Guys! Now, on to your issue. What receiver/s do you have and how long have they been installed? Do you have internet hooked up, either wifi or wired?

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