Unimesh Ten Foot Support Arm measurements

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Jul 16, 2006
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Lubrikator PM'd me and asked for some dimensions on a Ten Foot Unimesh Support Arms.

I have taken a couple of pictures, and done some measuring and am going to post it all here in the event someone in the future may need this information.

I have also included the spec sheet for the dish that Corado or TVRopro gave me a couple of years ago which includes the Focal Length, or distance from the back of the dish to a point 1/8" inside the LNB.

Here are the pics:

unimesh-10-footer-support-arms-measured.jpg unimesh-10-footer-scalar-end.jpg unimesh-10-footer-dish-surface-end.jpg


If you look closely with the pics blown up, you will see that the angle on the scaler end is about 30 degrees while the angle on the dish surface end is about 45 degrees.

Hope that helps. :)
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