Upgraded to H3, EHD now needs to reformat after 4 days


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Jan 4, 2017
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A month ago I updated to the Hopper 3 and 2 new Joeys. I had transferred a lot of shows and movies to an external hard drive. I was able to watch things off of the EHD for about 4 days and then I got a warning message 865 saying it wanted to reformat and erase everything. I have talked to Dish many times and one tech said that an update coming in a couple of days would fix the problem. It's been a month and still getting the message. A tech today said that an update on Jan. 20th might fix it. Anyone have a solution? I have seen others having the same problem.


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I don't know the timing or if it already was sent out but there is supposed to be an update to fix EHD problems. I would ask for a refresh of your account that often works.


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Sep 8, 2003
I have over 135 movies on one ext drive and 200 1 hour programs on a second drive. I would go back to a HWS before I would format those drives and make Dish install the HWS at no cost to me.
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How do I do that? Call and request an update or just wait for the update on the 20th?

Be sure all your Joeys are turned off and there's no recordings scheduled for at least an hour. Then Press the Home button 3 times then select Tools where you will find an option to upgrade your software.


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I had two EHDs trashed in my Hopper 2000 when it upgraded from U106 to U108. Dish replaced my hardware with a Hopper 3 at U334 which also wanted to format the EHDs. After upgrading to U336 it still wants to format the HDs. Like you, I was told by two upper-tier tech/supervisors that a fix was going to be pushed out January 20. I've got to believe it's a simple re-write of MBR/Partition Table/Boot Record type of thing. Apparently this is a wide-spread problem.

Hall gave me the instructions for upgrade: Basically, Menu/Setting/Diagnostics/Tools/. You should see option for upgrade in lower right corner. After upgrade put receiver in standby and it will eventually install it. Unplug the EHDs first!!!

And JSheridan's point about no scheduled recordings...

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