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Unashamed Bengal Fan
Sep 7, 2003
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
I'm just wish they would have these channels available for those of us that HATE the map-down and want the HD channels in groups that make sense. This is exactly what I asked for a few months back. I asked for 1+SD channel number for all HD channels, but 4+SD channel number works great too!

See ya

Smith P.

On Vacation
Oct 4, 2003
Bay Area, CA
Please refrain from trying to lead any discussion into anything that closely associated with Hacking.
Nope, it is a part of open data in sat stream - just observation of any info what lay in same discussion's manner as package ## ie tiers ##.

You confuse ppl. Hacking begin where a person start illegally decoding encoded signal .


SatelliteGuys Pro
Jun 13, 2006
Here's an interesting tidbit to ponder...

...Got word last night, that it [the Eastern Arc] will only be available (at roll out [September]) to new Dish HD Only Customers.

So maybe both theories are true. These channels are for dishHD Only subs AND the Eastern Arc :)

Talon Dancer
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