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Jan 22, 2007
Southeast US
You mean shows like hogans heros which were remastered to hd 10 years ago? Unfortuantly many of 70s and 80s shows were video tape and cannot be converted as easy

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According to ME TV, MASH has been remastered.

BTW, Does anyone know what channel Comet TV will be on once it becomes available?
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Feb 13, 2008
Colorado Springs
There was, but it was so expensive that a lot of tapes got re-used after the recordings had served their purpose.
Came here to say this, they used video tape in the 50's, that's the reason that so few episodes of the early shows exist any more. They reused the video tape over and over again. They keep hoping to find a good video tape of the the first NFL/AFL Championship Game (AKA Super Bowl 1) but they still don't have a complete one.
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Jul 20, 2006
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in my own opinion time for dish to add the rest of our channels that broadcast in high def and lets get working on adding those SES satellite ultra 4k HD channels fulltime.also add plutotv and xumotv as applications on the hopper 3 for us cord cutters.

If you have Dish, you’re not a cord cutter :)

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