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Sep 17, 2005
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What does it mean when they say in the manual, that the USB port is for future use. You can see those USB ports on all kinds and all Brands of satellite receivers since years. What are they planning to do with it in the "Future"? It has the same shape like the ones on a PC, so you couldn't hook it up to a PC. So it can't be that. Or is it for example to hook an external HD to it via USB cable? Or is it for a Digital camera? I am not really a computer illiterate, but I just can't imagine what engineers are trying to use it for.


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Apr 7, 2004
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Well as far as the Dish 942 goes, you can now plug in your camcorder and hopefully download pictures directly to the receiver. This feature was enable with a recent software update (L2.80?) and works perfectly with my Sony Camcorder. Likewise, the 942 now supports downloading video to an external video device known as a Pocket Dish. Again, this is a recent development...just do a quick search of the Dish Network Forum.

Lastly, it is rumored that Dish Network will eventually enable the USB port to support certain external storage devices for certain DVR models like the 942 (buy your own disk storage, Dish branded disk storage, etc.). What this means is unknown since there has been official information from E*.

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