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  1. My laptop is a few yrs old, but was overkill at the time so it still runs everything great EXCEPT DirectvNow. I have it hardwired into my wireless gateway. My speeds run about 105Mbps down. Seems like every minute or so it is like I hit a pause button. Audio and video freezes for 2-3 seconds and then starts playing as normal until it happens again. Chrome is up to date, cache cleared numerous times, even did a chat and they had me reset everything in Chrome. Had 3 escalations, still occurs. Very frustrated. Any ideas? Thanks, Andy
  3. I have read elsewhere that making sure your time setting is correct, to the second, on computer can solve similar problem(s). Also, if time is correct, and it still does it, can switch time zones to see if it corrects the problem. Never read a good explanation why this would be nor do I use DirecTVNow so take this with a grain of salt (might not work).
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  4. They did actually have me to verify time was correct. BUT, I'll try a different time zone. Thanks. Never thought of changing time zones. Its worth a shot!!
  5. DRCars, a HUGE thank you!! I set my laptop to Central time even though I'm in Eastern time and am having NO issues as of right now with the constant pausing. I had to do 2 things. 1) manually reset the hour number from 2 to a 1, and also had to go in and make sure to select Central time zone for USA and Canada from the drop down menu. Time is off by an hour, but I still get locals on it and it shows the next show coming on, just the hour is off by one in the guide. But taking my laptop to the bedroom is still cheaper than going out and buying another Roku right now. I checked them today at Wal-Mart. Prices are down a little, but my tv in the bedroom is an older tube tv. Works good so I'm not ready to throw it out (sentimental as well) and only has coax input. So I'd had to purchase a coverter and then a Roku Express + that uses the red, white and yellow connections, total of $55+ tax. So you helped me tremendously!! I'll share this tip as well with others. As long as you are using your home network you will receive all regional sports networks plus any locals they offer. Here, it's ABC,FOX,soon also CW and MyNetwork from Atlanta. Not sure about CBS. Got an email stating agreements had been reached, but CBS is not an O&O station. But thanks again!!
  6. You're welcome. That's strange but cool that it works.
  7. By the way, it's been reported in the lasr week (last week of Nov) running DTVN in incognito mode after clearing cache and cookies helps many. Get the occasional freeze on laptop still, after all steps taken, but it works even better than my Roku Premiere+ hardwired. Roku lately seems to have way too many, "connection lost" and blue square issues. Some say server congestion, others say Roku issue for all. Seems laptop or phone or tablet works the best. Using laptop works best as I'm hardwired and just use an HDMI from laptop to tv with wireless mouse and keyboard
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