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OKAY, so I had a conversation with a Dish CSR, and I'm pretty confident he was totally clueless. First he said the 301's I was looking to purchase did not need a smart card, because they had built in smart cards. I asked him anyway how much smart cards would cost because I knew he was wrong. Then after a brief hold, he told me they could not activate any receivers without a smart card. ... Yeah. Total 180.

So what's the deal? I want to get (purchase) some 301s, 311s, 322s, 625s, etc. for use with Dish Network. Do they charge for smart cards?
You need to contact a DIRT member here because what you want to do isn't the norm and you need specific up to date information before spending any money. Those receivers are not compatible with many markets anymore and relatively soon may not be at all. I don't know what you are trying to accomplish so talk to a DIRT member here for proper guidance.
301 receivers are obsolete but the 311, 322, and 625 are still available. These receivers can only by used in western arc installations since they are MPEG2. Eastern arc installations require MPEG4. The latest version smart card is needed with each receiver, which is normally $50 per smart card. Pleas let me know if you have further questions. Thanks.

Okay... If that's true, what about 311s or 322s?
Excellent, thank you so much for the info!

Unfortunately, that makes it so it's almost cheaper to buy a 222 than a 322. If I buy a 222, would that ALSO need a $50 smart card?
The smart cards are supposed to be sold with the receiver. To avoid the issue of buying a replacement card, just make sure you buy receivers that include the current (purple) smart card and be done with it. Newer receivers have current embedded smart cards, so that would be OK too. Of course CHECK WITH DISH to make sure the used receiver is not leased and has no balance left from the last owner. Get the CAID number and see what the number begins with. I'm not in front of a receiver at the moment, but some folks should chime in here and tell you want the current smart card numbers are.
Go with the 200 series.

They fully compatability for sd and hd.

And the faster processors have way better channel guides. The guide alone would drive me to the newer model.

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