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Feb 7, 2011
Can I use a account with my Sling Adapter instead or DOL?
you can try using your sling account logging in to ... also trying your Dish Network email account & password.

I made my sling account (even though all I had was the sling adapter) the same as my dish account, so that one way or another I could use the same info hoping to squeek by for a longer time if possible in going to DRA. Also, note that shortly before dish network took away its DRA link .. they had changed their login procedures... it seemed about a month or two ago, they were relying on Sling's authentication solely .. but then changed to the amazon cloud.. still uses the old servers (or so it appeared the last time I looked)

and it won't give you control over the DVR itself.. but you can get live tv through an older version of the Sling Stand Alone player.. it won't work with the current versions (they coded looking for sling adapters and denying them). If you do go the "older" stand alone, you'll need to get your sling adapter's password (search forums instructions are there)


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Thanks for the info. I was able to get onto and watch live programming on TV2, even changing channels with the "remote" function. I should have tried the yellow DVR button on the simulated remote to see if I could bring up that menu.


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Sep 29, 2010
Do any of these players (either standalone or web based) use hardware acceleration? My Windows 7 based HTPC is an ION system, and it isn't quite up to the task of playing HD video without using hardware acceleration.

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