UVERSE Stops Rolling Out


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Mar 19, 2006
I agree with the party above. DOSIS 3.0 killed any chance that AT&T was going to compete with Uverse with it's notion of using old legacy telephone wire to deliver the last mile. I live in an area were there is Uverse, but my street doesn't have it simply because it's more than 3000 ft from the Vrad. This is in a city and not a rural area. Get a little closer and they will provide service, but it's slow and limited especially considering that TWC here offers uncapped rock solid 50M/30M service for less money. AT&T is paying the price now for having cheeped out on the design in the first place.


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Jul 9, 2012
silicon valley, ca
I switched to uverse from dsl but improved a little on the speed. ATT doesn't like to spend more for fiber optic line, they just want to make use of their old copper line . If they would just install more fiber line then more people will have faster service ( it's like the speed of light).

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